Hi! My name is Viggo and I’m a 31 yr old man who started getting into photography seriously in 2002. From the first compact to my current Canon dslr-system. What I like to shoot ranges from crawling in the grass with a macro-lens to sports/action, architecture and everything in between. Wherever I see a mood or a story or just a boring object I want to make more interesting I’ll be shooting it. I’m also just as much a gear-head, always looking for the newest and coolest gear in form of camera-bodies, lenses and flash-system. If you see me in public without a camera around my neck, it was someone else that looked like me.

I’m hoping this page will contain helpful hints and answers to some of the readers technical and photographically questions. I hope to inspire others, like I myself have been inspired by the thousands of pages I’ve read online and the millions of fantastic photographs I seen. This page will be a mix between links to my favorite pages, my own uploaded pictures, and also a bit of blogging about my experience and techniques in photography in general and equipment.

Current equipment

1d mkIV

EF  14mm f2,8 L II
TS-E  17mm f4 L
EF  24mm f1,4 L II
EF 50mm f1,2 L
EF 100mm f2,8 L IS
EF 70-200 f2,8 L IS II

2 x 580 ex II Speedlite
Pocketwizard radio controllers:
AC3 Zone controller
Mini TT1
2x Flex TT5

Elinchrome D-Lite 4