Oslo Terror

Thousands of people laying down flowers at the church in the center of Oslo

Hi all.

It’s been a very sad week for us here in Norway, and also for people all around the world. Thank you so much for your support through this horrible ordeal. Last friday, 22/7-2011 Oslo was shocked by a huge bomb going off in the political center of Oslo. I was on my way back from a wonderful holiday when we heard the terrible news. The reporters on the radio were just shocked as their offices were only a block or two away. Nobody knew what had happened, if it was an accident or a bomb. Me and my girlfriend Siv just looked at each other and just didn’t know what to think. Then the news reported that someone was shot at political youth rally, and I just thought, this is connected somehow, wtf is happening??!

Then reports coming in were saying maybe 30 kids and youth had been shot at the island called Utøya, were the youth rally took place. I thought, at first, that this may just be panicked observations by scared witnesses. Nothing liked this has ever happened in Norway before. All day reports, videos and images were all that you could see on TV. I’ve must have watched it all two or three times, and I still couldn’t grasp the magnitude of what had happened. Then the police got control over the situation at Utøya and caught the madman who just minutes before had slaughtered maybe 10, maybe 30 kids and youth.. What a dark day in history this was…. Then the total number of dead hit us all with pure shock; 77 innocent people… Killed by one psycho-madman…

I was expecting people would be out to get him, and start riots and turn the city upside down in rage. But we live in Norway, we are all Norwegians, we all stay together, and look after one another. We will not feed hate, we will survive only together and with love and support. We saw people everywhere in Norway comforting each other, people of all walks of life. If you were in a suit or you carried all your belongings in a plastic bag, living on the streets, if you were old or a child. We all stood side by side, hugging, crying, comforting and remembering those who died in such a meaningless and tragic way…

I went to the Oslo center with my brother the day after the attack, on saturday the 23rd. My brother had his birthday on 22.July, but it wasn’t much celebrating, we had other things on our minds. As we walked around in Oslo seeing the aftermath it became clear, Oslo would never be the same again, BUT not in a bad or sad way, in a GOOD way. I saw the same connection between strangers as I had seen on the news. We all became friends, with the same thoughts in the same situation, we were all Norwegians and in mourning of the massive loss our country and it’s people had just experienced. So good to see all people coming together like this. However, I will NEVER forget that silence walking around in Oslo that day…..

On a final word I’ll quote a Norwegian girl who were interviewed by CNN : “If one man can show this much hate, think of all the love we can all can show together”

Below a few images from my walk around the city

The city covered in Roses.

200.000 people left their roses all over Oslo.




Windows blown

Showing the love

Broken glass everywhere

Cleaning up

A tired young Sgt resting.